Helene Shoulder Bag


Helene is an asymmetric and rounded style with a textured baby blue glossy look. Helene comes with two cool straps, making the bag versatile and easy to compliment different outfits and occasions. One made of made of thick knotted rope with waxed endings, the other a classic SILFEN wide nylon strap with adjustable length. Helene also comes with the Ea Earpod Case attached, a cool utilitarian feature that elevates the style and works great for storing your smaller items. She is of course fitted with SILFEN side pockets inside for a complete great bag experience. Helene is a stand out in the SILFEN universe for all the right reasons, we can't wait for you to fall in love with her. 

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Measurements: 28*21*8.5
Material: 40% Recycled post-consumer polyester + 22% Recycled pre-consumer polyurethane + 18% Polyurethane + 10% Wood fiber + 10% Calcium carbonate