At SILFEN, sustainability means responsibility. To us, this entails taking action, considering our stakeholders, and striving higher with each collection we create. We make conscientious decisions regarding our social impact in the communities where we operate.

We are dedicated to functional designs and it is our continuous goal is to improve and consistently introduce new, better initiatives and materials in every collection. Explore our principles below.


People are integral to our business. SILFEN is powered by individuals, whether they’re at our manufacturing plants, in our offices, at retail locations, or among any of our wonderful SILFEN ambassadors worldwide.

In fashion and retail, while we can explore new materials and production methods, the key challenge lies in how we utilize our products. Our circularity approach revolves around prolonging our products lifespans and making mindful production choices.

Design is at the heart of our business. Each product is carefully designed, curated and tested to ensure that the products will be cherished by our customers. Continuously, we strive to enhance our products, making them last through generations. 


At SILFEN, we embrace a spectrum of social and environmental responsibilities. Our commitment extends to fostering ethical and socially responsible behavior within our organization and throughout direct suppliers.

We work with manufacturers who enforce rigorous labor and human rights standards to ensure safe and fair working conditions in our factories. This includes a strict prohibition on child labor, as well as the prevention of verbal or physical abuse and discrimination against employees.

Factory employees of our suppliers are entitled to a national living wage, pensions, and insurance coverage. It is their their right to form unions without any interference from employers.


We are dedicated to integrating circular practices into our supply chain. We utilize 100% rPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) for all nylon bags. Continuously, we explore and try to incorporate more circular materials into our collections.

While we embrace experimentation and artistry in our designs, functionality and versatility are paramount to a good design. This is why the majority of our bags feature extra straps, offering multiple usage options for different occasions.

Our commitment to quality extends to rigorous material and bag testing prior to production. We consistently seek to enhance our products, sourcing more durable materials that increase longevity without compromising on the design and our brand DNA.